Clearing Customs

In the same way that you go through customs when leaving and entering a country, the same applies to an international shipment. Border authorities keep documents of goods that are leaving and entering a country. When you move with Allied, The Careful Movers you can relax and rely on your move coordinator to guide you through the documents needed in the process of clearing customs for your specific destination.

How Does my International Moving Coordinator Help?

Clearing customs has become even more important due to heightened security concerns. At Allied, The Careful Movers , you can depend on the expertise and knowledge of your move coordinator to guide you through the customs clearance process.

Beginning Customs Clearance for International Moving

Your International Relocation Coordinator will help you complete the required documents and then forward them to our authorized destination agent. At destination, the local Allied, The Careful Movers office will receive the paperwork forwarded to them and verify that all of information is correct before passing the documents on to the customs broker.

Once you arrive in your destination country, remember to contact Allied immediately. Failure to make timely contact could result in delays for clearing customs and additional storage costs. ‘Demurrage‘ or port rent is an additional expense that may be incurred if we are unable to clear your shipment on time. Airports levy similar penalties if airfreight shipments are delayed. To avoid delays and additional costs, it is important to make contact with the local Allied, The Careful Movers office as soon as you arrive.

Restricted Items in International Moving

Each country has its own list of items that are restricted or in some cases, not permitted for import. To avoid any problems or delays in clearing your shipment through customs, you will find a list of items prohibited from entry into your destination country. Please adhere to these restrictions and do not allow and prohibited items to be packed. As the owner of the goods, you will be legally responsible for any problems with clearing customs.

Shipment Tracking During International Moving

In addition providing assistance with clearing customs, we also provide advanced tracking of your shipment throughout its journey. Our state-of-the-art online shipment tracking system, GlobalCom, will allow you to monitor your shipment while in transit – from loading through customs to delivery. The added security and comfort that our experienced customs clearance process and shipment tracking provide are what sets Allied apart from the rest.


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